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Hilton Worldwide Light & Warmth 2013


Hilton Worldwide established the CEO Light and Warmth Award to recognize those exceptional Team Members who embody the Hilton Worldwide Values of Hospitality, Integrity, Leadership, Teamwork, Ownership and Now at the highest level. This award is Hilton Worldwide's top honor for all Team Members. With more than a thousand nominations this year, President & CEO Chris Nassetta and a committee of Team Members from across the company selected the following 11 recipients for this year's award.

  • Chen Hai Ping

    Conrad Sanya Haitang Bay, China

    Chen Hai Ping was faced with one of the most challenging situations of his hospitality career when a guest at his hotel unexpectedly passed away. Chen helped the man’s daughter, who was traveling with her father, make funeral arrangements appropriate to his wishes. While the rest of the man’s family was in route from Singapore, Chen arranged for services to provide traditional Chinese rituals for the deceased within the required timeframe. He served as the family’s coordinator, chauffer and comforter, with full respect for their father and true empathy for their grief.

  • Deysire Dayhoff

    DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Naples, FL

    Since emigrating from Cuba in 2006, Deysire Dayhoff has found success as a Team Member and a U.S. citizen. Her story is an inspiration to other Team Members and Cuban refugees who are on their own journey to American citizenship. Deysire is happy to tutor her teammates in English and finances, and help prepare them for the citizenship exam. She knows that warmth and hospitality are values that we share with one another, as well as with our guests.

  • Willie Nero

    DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Augusta, GA

    Guests, Team Members and people throughout the community know Willie Nero as a kind and gentle man, who sets the benchmark for hospitality and grace. Five years ago, Willie and his friend began a charity to feed the homeless at Thanksgiving. Last year, they fed more than 1,000 people in need. In addition to this work at the holidays, Willie provides 10 families with food for a month, every month, and has launched a clothing initiative for the less fortunate. Willie feels blessed to be able to give back and give of his heart to shine a light on others.

  • Alice Lamper

    Hampton Inn Williamsport-Downtown, PA

    Patient, kind, and loving, Alice Lamper inspires compassion in everyone around her. She has been a pillar of strength at her hotel for the past decade, helping Team Members and guests alike. Not too long ago, Alice became friendly with a couple that was at the property for an extended stay. She got worried as they became increasingly withdrawn, and looked for an opportunity to share her concern. When she learned that the woman had terminal cancer with no insurance or hope of recovery, Alice made it her mission to provide extra attention to this special guest. Her warmth and hospitality know no bounds.

  • Obed Mbatha

    Hilton Durban, South Africa

    For Obed Mbatha, there’s no secret to Hospitality. He simply treats each guest as if they were the only one in the hotel. For him, the job isn’t done until the guest is 100 percent satisfied – and he has the guest reviews to prove it. Obed is a meticulous leader and mentor, who loves sharing his knowledge and sense of pride with every Team Member at his hotel. He is also a pastor who is recognized as a born leader and a man of integrity, with an understanding of morality and honest work as the keys to success.

  • Juan Rolando

    Hilton Lima Miraflores, Peru

    Juan Rolando takes the Hilton Worldwide value of ownership to heart, ensuring that every guest relationship reflects his personal sense of pride and dedication. This was especially true for one family from the United States whose little dog ran off right before they were slated to leave the country. Everyone at the hotel searched for Lucy, but she was nowhere to be found. The family sadly returned home without their furry friend. Soon, Lucy wandered back to the hotel and Juan took on the responsibility of caring for her until the paperwork for her return could be arranged. He treated this guest as if she were his own, and raised the bar on Hilton hospitality once again.

  • Jacqueline Jeanes

    Hilton Cardiff, UK

    Guests around the world rave about her service, because Jacqueline Jeanes’ hospitality has value beyond compare. She spent two months as the hotel’s number one up-seller, raising £2,250 ($3,780 USD) in incremental revenue. Her satisfaction scores are off the charts, and she’s known for enrolling more HHonors members than anyone else. When she spearheaded fundraising for the Hilton in the Community Foundation, the hotel collected a total of £32,600 ($54,700 USD) —nearly four times their goal. Jackie is quick to extend a warm welcome, and even quicker to share her enthusiasm for everything we do.

  • Dennis Cavner

    Hilton Minneapolis, MN

    Honest, dependable, loyal, and caring, Dennis Cavner is everything you could want in a Team Member. He’s a true problem solver, with an innate talent for doing what’s right, when it’s right. Dennis can handle any request in record time and has a series of success stories to his name, including finding ways to help the hotel save energy, cut costs, and improve lighting and air quality. As a result, his hotel won the 2012 Sustainability Award. Dennis sets a high standard for his teammates. For him, there are no excuses – only solutions.

  • Chris Bryant

    Hilton Garden Inn Tampa Airport Westshore, FL

    Chris Bryant has two priorities: to mentor teammates to be the best they can be and to put a smile on everyone’s face. The positivity and energy that he shares is so potent that guests still remember him years later. Known as “Big Tiny,” Chris extends his passion for life to the community, too. He serves as a juvenile competency restoration mentor and works with troubled teens to steer them toward a better path. Chris knows that he has the power to change the world, and he does just that – one smile at a time.

  • Samantha Jayakumar

    Kings Land by Hilton Grand Vacations Club, HI

    Samantha Jayakumar isn’t just bubbly; she’s exuberant. She channels her enthusiasm into leadership, motivating her fellow Team Members to find the good in every situation. She has taken on dual roles when the property needed her extra help, conquering new challenges and finding new opportunities for shared successes. Her boundless energy also put the Waikoloa Charity Walk into high speed, filling out 260 registration forms, decorating the food booth, and even organizing a silent auction that raised $2,300. Samantha’s contagious enthusiasm inspires all those around her, and makes the resort a better place to work – and stay.

  • Sara Ashenafi

    Waldorf Astoria New York, NY

    For 30 years, Sara Ashenafi has raised the bar on hospitality with her warm, personalized service to every guest. Teammates feed off of her positivity and upbeat attitude, taking an example from her integrity and selflessness. In her off time, Sara works with orphanages in New York and Ethiopia helping to provide orphans with food, supplies, medicine, clothes, and more. She also collects clothing for the needy and works with people affected by AIDS as part of her church’s ministry. Sara’s passion for people drives her to share her love, light, and warmth each and every day.

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