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Campus Recruiting in Latin America

The Latin America Elevator Graduate Program is an 18-month opportunity that serves as a launching point for a hotelier career with Hilton Worldwide. It is a rigorous and adventurous program that will rapidly elevate your skills in unique and memorable ways.

Latin America and the Caribbean- Elevator Graduate Program

Graduates selected for the Program experience two regional placements that allow for exposure to many different departments, people and cultural backgrounds. You can expect an exciting learning curve, with opportunities to network with hotel leaders during meetings, dinners and cocktail receptions. Many “Elevators” build new relationships that result in valuable lifetime friendships.

Each of your placements as an Elevator will require you to take on an actual business project with bottom-line impact. You will have the chance to express your creative ideas while being supported by senior managers as you conduct feasibility studies, document your findings, and present your project to the hotel management team. Most of all, you will be recognized and rewarded for all of your hard work.

Elevators receive support from assigned buddies and mentors, as well as from other colleagues, General Managers and even senior management. While you may find yourself in an unfamiliar place, you will never feel alone during your time with Hilton Worldwide.

Eligibility Requirements

The Hilton Worldwide Elevator Graduate Program is widely regarded as one of the best hotel training courses in the industry. To qualify, you will need a Bachelor’s degree, speak English plus one Latin American language fluently at the time of application, and already have the right to work in your home country.

You must also be willing to move to different cities and countries as part of this Program, as well as have a strong and serious interest in pursuing a hospitality career. It can be a fantastic experience for anyone who is ready to work hard and enjoy the adventure.

Application Process

The Hilton Worldwide Elevator Program launches the Elevator recruitment process during the months of October through to January of every other year. During these months, eligible candidates are invited to submit their resumes for review purposes and University/College presentations are held across the Latin American and Caribbean region. Short-listed candidates will be invited to complete preliminary interviews with regional human resources teams. In the month of February, the successful interviewees will be invited to attend the final selection phase, the 24-hour Assessment Center. Post the Center, the top 6-8 candidates will be selected to join the 18-month program which begins the first week of September. Participation in the assessment center is required in order to be selected for the program.

2013 October 1st – 2014 January 15th - Applications open

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