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What began with the world’s most iconic hotel is now the world’s most iconic portfolio of hotels. In exceptional destinations around the globe, Waldorf Astoria™ Hotels & Resorts reflect the culture and history of their extraordinary locations, as well as the rich legacy of Waldorf Astoria. Simply stated, Waldorf Astoria embodies timeless elegance.

We are bringing that legacy to life every day, with fresh, modern expressions of the essence of Waldorf Astoria. Working here means providing guests with personalized attention that is the source of unforgettable moments that add up to an extraordinary experience that could only happen at a Waldorf Astoria.

The Waldorf Astoria culture is centered on outcomes. Inspiring within each guest a yearning to return is our highest priority. The way we accomplish this is by being genuine and authentic with all of our guests, providing True Waldorf Service. These three main principles help guide us:

  1. Create the moments that build memories and shape a personal Waldorf legacy – We are focused on building memories and emotional connections with all of our guests. These experiences will help shape our guests personal Waldorf legacy. This will also shape our Team Member legacies as well.
  2. Bring out the best in ourselves and our guests – We are at the highest level of hospitality and must ensure our actions personify the highest levels of professionalism. When we are at our best, we are able to help our guests and fellow Team Members be at their best as well.
  3. Combine our instincts and expertise to ensure luxury – Our instincts and expertise allow us to anticipate guest needs, go beyond great service and deliver luxury experiences for our guests.

Join us in building true relationships that allow for an understanding of guest preferences and the anticipation of their every need.

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